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Flower Shop. Hardly anyone knows about this Facebook game– and rightly so, as it’s barely three months old. However, because no one knows about it there is basically no information about it. So I’m going to go into it and answer some more complicated questions. I’ve decided to split this up into two parts: The Tutorial and Basic Information, and the FAQ, Tips, and Tricks. Since the game has its own tutorial and what is most lacking on the web is more intensive information, I’ll start with that. If anyone has anything to add or ask, please leave a comment and I will do my best to help you!

EDIT: I am no longer playing Flower Shop myself, so some of my help is out of date. I apologize if I don’t have the answer to your question. However, please feel free to comment in case I can help, or someone else can help you!

1. I keep running out of vases. How will I ever have enough vases/extras?

My first reaction is “don’t buy them” but that’s really bad advice. Every time I play I just continuously buy the fastest 5 minute vases and the 10 minute Thank You cards. I keep buying them while I’ve got Flower Shop playing in a back window, while I do other, ‘important’ things like my homework or watching YouTube videos. Either I check it every so often or it honks, so I know to go back and buy more. Then, when I’m going to sleep or going to be away for a while, I purchase the more expensive vases, and save those for only the best flowers that I have (like Stargazer Lilies, which sell on their own for $53 a bundle).

2. How can I get more money?

When you level up you get access to flowers that are extremely cost-effective. Right now the favorite of my sister’s are Calla Lilies. I keep my crop field a rotation of the 12 hour, 18 hour, 1, 2, 2.5, and 3 day flowers. This way every so often I’ll have a lot of good flowers. However, I also keep a small patch open for flowers that take one or so hours to grow so I have something to sell in the off time. If you don’t have any flowers to sell, don’t sweat it– you can either go to your friends and take some of their flowers, or stock up on extras and vases! Also, save up your money. Invest back into your business, and not so much into your avatar or what your shop looks like (unless you’re expanding it).

3. How do I unlock X flower?

The flowers in the first row are unlocked by leveling up. The rest of the ones are unlocked by completing goals, although I must say I can’t remember half of them so it’ll take a while for a full list.

  • Peruvian Lilies – Hire a Temp 5 Times.
  • Poinsettias – Expand your Shop Once.
  • Pink Tulips – Pick Pink Tulips from Vivian’s garden. (Vivian is the level 80 default neighbor.)
  • Chrysanthemums – Play Flower Shop four days in a row.
  • Camellias – Expand your Garden Once (only received after unlocking Poinsettias via expanding your shop).
  • Daffodils – Wish Happy Birthday to 3 separate friends.
  • Hydrangeas – After completing the goal for ordering Thank You Cards, complete the chocolate goal of selling 210 chocolates.
  • Dahlias – After completing the goals to get 5 cups of coffee and then 10 cups of coffee from your friends (for a total of 15,) you will get the Addicted to Coffee goal with Dahlias as the reward. Receive 50 cups of coffee from friends.
  • Trumpet Vines –  Complete the ‘Will Work for XP’ goal by visiting friends 250 times. The Goodie Goodie goal comes after that. Visit friends 500 times and you will trumpet vines.

(There’s a lot I can’t remember… if anyone knows, please comment below!)

4. Why can’t I grow X flower?

Certain flowers are seasonal, so you won’t be able to grow them until the season comes again.

5. I keep making arrangements, but before I can finish the next one the first one is gone! How will I ever get full shelves?

There are two solutions to this. 1. Wait until you have a few arrangements (preferably over 40 or 50 flowers) and then open them for buying at the same time, or 2. Hire a temp/full-time employee and have at it! You’ll have two extra hands and will get twice as much work done in the same amount of time.

6. What are these cacti I’m hearing about?

At around level 30 you’re allowed to build a greenhouse. Inside a greenhouse you can grow certain kinds of flowers, and they last up to 72 hours before they die out! Be careful, though– they require their own separate vases to grow. The greenhouse also costs quite a lot to build —  $80,000. But over time that won’t seem like such a big sum.

7. I want to upgrade my flower storage but I don’t have many friends. What do I do?

What I did was I added friends from Facebook, and put them in a list called “Games.” These people don’t have access to any other part of my account other than game posts, and I get only their game posts. You can find them all over, especially on Flower Shop’s page, asking for more neighbors. If you don’t want to do that, you can either wait for a really long time, or buy some Facebook credits and spend them on your storage. (If you go this route, I recommend completing the windows and fences first– making sure you have five windows and ten fence posts. The more parts you get, the less credits it costs you– and since getting 5/5 windows is a lot easier than getting 25/25 nails, you’ll cut down the cost a lot faster.)

8. Is it worth it to expand your garden?

Yes. Even if you don’t have a flower storage, you can grow flowers that take a few days to grow in the extra space. Then you don’t need as much flower storage, but still reap the benefits!

9. Can’t I display more than 50 flowers? This is ridiculous!

Yes. If you upgrade your display cases, you will be able to display more flower arrangements. Generally it goes up by 10 flowers per display. The cases I use hold 80 and cost 6,000. It’s a good investment in the long run, because you can make more money and spend less time constantly checking the game.

10. Is it worth it to expand your shop?

I’m level 35 and haven’t yet. I have made do with 4 display cases of 80 flowers each. However, some prefer to go the quantity route and have a bunch of cheap display cases in a larger shop. If you go this route, I would recommend having a reliable part-time employee or buying your own full-time one (99 Facebook credits).

11. My Avatar is hella ugly.

You can edit your avatar by clicking on your little avatar’s image and clicking edit. You can change the skin color, eyes, hair, and clothes of your avatar. Some cost game money and some are free. However, all are available to you.


Either be patient, or speed up your avatar with coffee from your friends (or you can buy it for Facebook credits). If they give you coffee, you can unlock money and flowers!

13. How do I display my vases and thank you cards?

When you go to create an arrangement, choose the type of flower.

Then at the top of the window you will see 1) Flowers 2) Vases 3) Extras.

Click on 2) Vases and then select the vase you want your flowers to go into.

Then go to 3) Extras and select the thank you cards.

Only after selecting all these should you raise the number of how many you want (otherwise it will go back down to the default 10).

14. Have you seen the new (insert update here)? What’s that about?

You can comment on this page about what is happening and theories you have. Chances are I won’t have the answer, as I haven’t played Flower Shop in a while, but take a look at the most recent comments – someone probably had the same question you did!

15. What’s the variety/worth/profit of certain flowers?

The profit has been calculated as such: Amount a Flower Sells For x # of Flowers Harvested (so Carnations would have 30, Calla Lilies would have 10) – Cost It Takes to Plant a Flower.

Variety Worth Cost Profit Hours Profit Per Hour
Stargazer Lilies 53 70  460 72  6.39
Iceland Poppies 50 66  434 60  7.23
Calla Lilies 35 46  304 12  25.3
Sunflowers 24 62  418 48  8.71
Gladiolus 23 60  400 36  11.11
Daffodil 21 58  362 18  20.11
Hydrangea 20 56  344 16  21.5
Poinsettia 19 31  159 2  79.5
Dahlia 19 14
Rose 19 2,280  Infinite 24  7.92
Camelia 18 2,160  Infinite 20  9
Hollyhocks 4 38  42 6  7
Trumpet Vine 14  Infinite 10  14
Chrysanthemum 12 28  206 4  51.5
Agapanthus 11 33  187 3  62.33
Gerbera 10 42  258 8  32.25
Peruvian Lilies 3 24  66 15 Minutes  16.5
Daises  22 5 Minutes
 (Thanks to Al for the help getting the information!)
16. How do I sell furniture/flower displays?
Go to the market tab and click on a furniture option. Then click on one of your furniture, or hit the arrow that’s next to the delivery tab above market and select the move arrow. Once you’ve picked up an item of furniture, you can either drag it down to the market area to put it in “storage” or drag it to a cash register which will appear just above the market tab to sell it.

Please make sure to ask questions or leave comments about things you’ve noticed that might help others. I will do my best to help those who need help – and hopefully other people will, as well!

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486 responses to “Flower Shop (Facebook Game) — FAQ, Tips, and Tricks!

  1. molly

    How do i display my vases and thank you cards??!?!?!!??!?!

    • When you go to create an arrangement, choose the type of flower. Then at the top of the window you will see 1) Flowers 2) Vases 3) Extras. Click on 2) Vases and then select the vase you want your flowers to go into. Then go to 3) Extras and select the thank you cards. Only after selecting all these should you raise the number of how many you want (otherwise it will go back down to the default 10). I will put a picture up so you can see for sure. Thanks for your question!

    • Lindsey

      Hey, I have the list of Extras (Prices, time, and Worth) if you want to put them up here. I don’t know how to make pages like this one.

    • Vilasinee from BKK, Thailand

      Tks, I am thinking of playing this game later on, your advice is so helpful.

  2. molly

    oh btw cute top picture!

  3. UNBNewf

    Any idea on the new construction area across the road?? What will that turn out to be??

    • I honestly have no idea, but I have a few guesses. It could be a rival shop, more fields, or maybe even (dare I say it?) a delivery station where you could buy more than one truck! (Probably not that last one, but I really wish you could do more than one delivery at a time. It takes way too long.) Once they post for sure what it is I’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, do you have any ideas?

      • UNBNewf

        I was thinking the same thing….but another idea I had was that maybe it will be a house that we get to decorate. Hope it is something good.

      • UNBNewf

        I also agree that there should be a way to upgrade the delivery trucks. I would love to see more turcks or being able to fit more on a truck at one time.
        Can’t see them doing a rival next door….but who knows….hehe
        Across the road is weird….as they could expand the fields, shop and greenhouse on the same side it is all on now….wish they would hurry up and tell us. Would love to know if I need to be saving my money….hehe

      • It could be a house! That would be awesome! I wonder how they would add that to the gameplay, though. Maybe you could attract more customers or something?
        But they have so much space on the other side of the road, they were surely planning on doing something big with all of that space. Maybe they’ll build a town where you can get things for your shop? (Despite already having a market… maybe not.)

        But perhaps the white picket fence is a clue? So it could be a house, or a personal garden. Who knows?

        But yeah, they need to fix the truck thing soon. I told them that on Facebook and they were like, “Thanks for your feedback!” xDD

      • Trudy Allison

        You can do 2 deliveries at a time. One vase, and one extra! Happy flowering!

      • I hope that soon we’ll be able to do two vase deliveries and two extras at the same time. Thanks, and you too!

      • cyberbeet

        I don’t see a construction site, only the Farmer’s market and Flowerland. Am I missing something? Thx for this site :)

      • Ah, I haven’t actually updated this FAQ for a while. That was written before the Farmer’s Market came out and it was just an “in-construction” zone. We didn’t know what to expect. xD

      • the constrution thing across the road is going to be a marhet ad u can have a stand over there but i never use mine

      • Indeed! I only use mine when I have a lot of extra flowers to get rid of and new ones in my garden coming up soon. It’s good for a quick buck or two.

    • yani

      its a flower market klik it and you will know, at least you have to be at level 17 or above (a bit forget :p)
      after that you must ask 10 signature from your friends…
      try it and you dont need to arranged a flower, just place it and customer will buy it no need alot of time …^^

      • That’s true! The only downside is you don’t get experience, so if you’re racing someone like I am, it is kind of sad. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter. xD

  4. Al

    Maybe it will be a church, hotel or conference centre that will be in the market for your flower arrangements and you can negotiate prices with them! Or negotiate prices with brides on a daily basis! Got to be better than Trader Lou!

    • I know! Trader Lou is such a rip off! I think at one point he asked me to sell 100 Star Lilies for maybe 3000. And I was just like, “… I’d get 5300 selling them myself.” He’s good for getting rid of cheap flowers when your storage is full (when you have a small storage) and need to harvest better ones, or when you need only a certain amount more to build or buy something and don’t want to wait, but otherwise he’s just a cheap rip-off!

      Maybe, as our flower shop gets better, whatever is across the street will also expand. So it will start off as a bed and breakfast and become a five star hotel as our shop gets more successful. That would be cool!

      • UNBNewf

        Still no word on the land across the road!?! What is up with the stands over there? A farmers market? I wish there was some talk of what was coming…..or even when it will be here.

      • I think it’s a Farmer’s Market. Or a way to make a bit more money. Maybe there will be exotic seeds for sale or exotic decorations at specific times and places during the day. And maybe you’ll also have a competitor. Maybe it’s a Flower Festival for a month or something. I have no idea!

  5. MissRyry

    I’m so happy I’ve found your site! I’ve been searing the web to see what the construction is across the street. Nothing yet. I hope it’s something good to really liven up the game — I’m on Level 71 and loving it but ready for a new challenge.

    • I hope so, too! I’m nearing my midlife level, so I was hoping new things were going to be added. By any chance, do you know how to unlock trumpet vines? And is there any difference between the display stands in the greenhouse? (Like, on timing or something? It seems weird to charge so much just for appearance.) Thanks!

      • MissRyry

        I cannot figure out what to do to get those trumpet vines unlocked! Mine are still locked. And no I don’t know the difference on the display stands in the greenhouse. Since there was nothing listed I just purchased the cheapest.

      • That’s a shame. I’m currently trying to do all of the goals to figure it out, but no luck so far.
        (Also from what I can tell, the different stands don’t do anything.)

      • UNBNewf

        Does the Stargazer Arrangement goal unlock the Trumpet Vines?

      • MissRyry

        I’ve completed 125 goals including a stargazer goal that took forever and my trumpet vines are still locked. However, I have a friend who’s on Level 21 and her’s are unlocked. She says she doesn’t know which goal unlocked them.

      • If she’s Level 21 it narrows it down a lot. Let’s think about this. Does she have a super upgraded shop or field? Specific decorations/a lot of them? Perhaps it was from a gift? Does she have a lot of friends on Flower Shop? Did she invite a certain number of people? It must be something people have stumbled on, because it seems no one knows for sure. Have you ordered one of each vase? Although at level 20 you don’t have them all unlocked. Hmmm. Any ideas?

      • MissRyry

        That has to be it — yes, she has a lot of friends. I only have 2! I’ve only used 4 vases, not all of them And maybe she invited a bunch of people. Thanks for the ideas.

      • Tara Stonefire

        According to “Flower Shop”, you can unlock the trumpet vines by completing a goal called ‘Goodie Goodie’.

      • Really? What do you do to complete the goal, do you know?

      • UNBNewf

        The Goodie Goodie goal comes after you reach the ‘will work for XP goal’. You have to visit friends 500 times to achieve that goal to unlock the trumpet vines.

      • REALLY?! Thank you SO much!

      • Tony

        To unlock Trumpet vines i am certain it was the goal to volunteer at 1000 neighbours not 500.But i used the short cut to try this as i dont even have 5 neighbours.

      • I just finished this goal and I’m not quite sure I remember which one it was. I remember it took a long time, though. Are you absolutely certain? If so, I will change it.

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  7. Amy

    you should add a list of how much a flower will sell for by itself :]
    thanks this was helpful ^^

    • Sure! Although, what do you mean by sell for by itself? Do you mean a single flower, or bunches of ten? And then would you like me to calculate out the cost of buying and planting it versus the amount of money you make? Let me know and I’ll get started! (Also, you’re welcome.) xD

      • Al

        This is a list I started, although it would be better with the XPs earned for each bunch sold. Hope it helps.

        Variety Worth Hours
        Stargazer lilies 53 72
        Iceland Poppies 50 60
        Calla Lillies 35 12
        Sunflowers 24 48
        Gladiolus 23 36
        Daffodil 21 18
        Hydrangea 20 16
        Poinsettia 19 2
        Dahlia 19 14
        Rose 19 24
        Camelia 18 20
        Hollyhocks 14 6
        Trumpet vine 14 10
        Chrysanthemum 12 4
        Agapanthus 11 3
        Gerbera 10 8
        Peruvian Lillies 3 0.25

    • ?Is it more cost efficient to use the flowers in bouquets or as candles/lotions/potpourri? Do you get the same amount for them per flower either way? Thank~you sooo very much. =^.^= btw, I need neighbors if anyone here wants to be mine :).

      • IT’s more cost-effective to use them in candles/lotions generally. If you make them, compare the price for 10 flowers and 10 lotions/candles. (Adding a vase/accessory doesn’t actually add to the money you make from the flowers; you’ll still make the same amount either way.)

      • I would love to be your neighbor on flower shop or farmville 2 if you play that, add me my name is below and I will accept your friend request.

  8. Eve

    I bought the greenhouse, but now I have to build it. None of my friend play the game. How can I get it built? thanks

    • There are a few ways. One is to go onto the Flower Shop facebook page and add people from there. If you’re afraid of them finding out about where you live you can put them on Restricted when you friend them, and even though you’ll be playing the game together, they won’t be able to see a lot of your information or post on your wall.
      Another way is to buy Facebook credits and build it that way. I think it costs about 55 credits or so to build it, which is $5.50.
      You can ask your best friend / boyfriend / sibling / creepy stalker to go on Flower Shop and just be really patient. You can send one request a day.

      As long as you don’t think it’s creepy, I’d be glad to be your neighbor on Flower Shop. (Although– no offense– you’d be on restricted. Everyone I don’t know who is on my Flower Shop gets the Restricted label. xD)

      • You would be surprised…send them free gifts at least once. I have a few on my list that just ‘gave it a try’ and now they play all the time.

      • That’s true. I’ve made a few of my friends addicted. I just make sure I don’t send more than one to my friends because I know how much people hate getting a ton of invites. It has the opposite effect.

      • Thanks for all of this information. I just started playing the game and love it. However, everytime I type in the flowershop to go to thier facebook page it just takes me to the game. I want to get more friends (I only have two) Any advice? Thanks!

      • Go to their facebook page and look at the comments of any random post. There are always people looking for more friends. Good luck!

  9. mack

    sumthn went wrong and now i don have my storage,im @ level 47 what shall i do..
    plse can ny1 help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  10. Trudy Allison

    Hydrangeous – sell 210 boxes of chocolates goal.

  11. marcie

    i cant find my storage room, help me

  12. Just thought to say…if you want to know what the reward is for the goals click on the bar on the right hand side of each one on the list and if it is an unlocking goal…it will tell you what it unlocks.

  13. I also have a question…I am currently working on expanding my flowershop itself. I have the greenhouse, expanded garden, and the expansion for my flower shop to the side done all the way. Does anyone know how far the shop expands away from the sidewalk?

  14. what will happen next after the Level 80 of flowershop???

    • While no one knows for sure, you can definitely make it past level 80. I know of someone who is level 82. That being said they are continuously adding things you can unlock for higher levels, so I’m sure they’ll have something before long. :)

    • MissRyry

      I’m on level 84 and nothing new so far . . .

      • They’ve just added some new plants for levels 60-65 I think, so they’re slowly getting up to 80. xD I guess you’ll just have everything unlocked already.

  15. why is my temp worker is always off work how can i enable again it

    • If your temp worker doesn’t play Flower Shop, then you won’t be able to have them clock-in. For them to clock-in they basically have to ‘volunteer’ at your garden and choose to clock-in. Your temp worker probably hasn’t. If they stopped playing for good, you can visit their shop and fire them to find a new temp who will be more active. Good luck!

  16. hehe

    nice 1 but i had few more questions to ask
    1. could u update on your no.15?some of the worth seem to had changed
    2. i think u cant unlock flowers unless it is shown in goals(i think u should mention that in your no.3)i try some n failed.help me confirmed.thanks
    3. is it worth it trading with trader lou?i find that he offer such a low price for flower.maybe he is for flower in storage with display fully placed n flower going to be harvest anytime soon.hmmm…..

    • hehe

      n could u check how many time help can u volunteer n harvesting at friends garden each day?how bout free gifts n item request(ask friend for help)?

      • hehe

        where to find pink tullip in vivian’s garden?im only getting daisies n roses.im on level 32 n i think i should had unlock that goals long ago.im so way back on my goals…

      • They’re finally back in her garden. I think there were a bunch of glitches that came out with the Farmer’s Market, but now they’re getting fixed. You should be able to get your tulips now!

      • You can volunteer at your friend’s gardens once every 24 hours. (I believe they changed it, as it used to be that you could volunteer/clock-in once they’ve used you in their garden. It’s very possible that this is still the case since most of my friends don’t play Flower Shop more than once a day. If yours do, you should look into it for me. xD) Free gifts and help building things can only be given/asked for once a day (not every twenty four hours, but each day. After about midnight (depending on your time zone) the clock is reset and you can send the request. So if you send a request at 10 you can send a request once again at midnight (it happened to me once that I sent a request and then ten minutes later could send them again xD). It’s worth noting, though, that you can ask for items once every day per item. So if you want a greenhouse and your storage updated, you can ask for supplies for both of those each day.

    • 1. I will! You can look for that sometime later today.
      2. This is true. Unless you have the goals your flowers will not be unlocked, as there is a sort of chain you have to go through to get to certain goals. Just concentrate on the ones you have now and the rest will pop up soon enough. (I’ll include that in my number three. Good idea!)
      3. In my opinion, no. Basically if you have a bunch of flowers you want to harvest so you can plant more and he’ll take some, you can sell them. But you’re not making anywhere close to the profit you would if you just sold them. It’s just time vs money. If you have less time and more flowers, you can sell them, but if you want the most bang for your buck, you should prepare them in your shop. :D

  17. I need more friends that will play flower shop with me! Any one game?

  18. krystle

    hi i’m on my level 33 in flower shop,.i unlock the cactus maybe?not sure,.when can i find it?i just click the ok button knowing i could find it in my market,.can u help me :(

    • The cacti are available in the Greenhouse. If you have one, go inside and click market and you will be able to plant them. If you don’t have a Greenhouse yet, you won’t be able to see them. Hope that helped!

  19. I just expanded the green house 1 time, but the size of the greenhouse stays the same. Help please :)

    • If you expanded the area outside the greenhouse, then you expanded just that– the area outside the greenhouse. It’s kind of a rip-off, but I guess you can use the space to place more outdoor items! As of right now, I don’t know how you can expand the greenhouse any further.

  20. ashley

    how do i delete floral displays. i’m trying to upgrade to bigger ones but i want to delete the other ones

  21. suh

    hi….i m new to the game. i culdnt figure out as to how to use gifts received from friends and where to find/see them. plzzzzzzzz help

    • If it is a gift like vases or extras, you can find those in the vase or extra section of the game. If it is coffee, you can find that by going to your little character’s logo at the bottom of the screen or clicking on your character while they’re making an arrangement and selecting “Speed Up.” (Someone else had the same question, so I just copied and pasted.) If there is a different gift you want to know how to use, let me know and I will tell you.

  22. Isabella

    How do you use your gifts? I accepted them but I can’t find them.

    • If it is a gift like vases or extras, you can find those in the vase or extra section of the game. If it is coffee, you can find that by going to your little character’s logo at the bottom of the screen or clicking on your character while they’re making an arrangement and selecting “Speed Up.”

  23. Jacky

    Is it really ok to take flowers from my friend’s garden? It just seems so…idk. What if they were gonna use those? LOL
    But nobody takes my flowers either, and I always try to make sure I leave some nice ones out for them~

    • If you take flowers from your friends garden, they stay in your friend’s garden. Essentially, you just get 10 free flowers out of nowhere (even though it looks as though you’re removing their flowers). That way it’s guilt-free!

  24. Tony

    A little tip.You can use cheat engine 6.2 to speed up arrangements and sell them fast.But you must not have any deliveries due or when the delivery pop up appears and you press ok it will crash.When selecting the speed on the cheat engine i recommend putting it around 20 some maybe able to put it on 50 but it is more prone to crash on 50 then you would have to turn off the speed hack and refresh the page and start the speed hack again.This only works for arrangemenent and selling the flowers so dont think you can use it to grow your flowers in your garden fast and harvest them because once you click the flowers in the garden it will crash and again you will have to stop the speed hack and refresh.

    • I didn’t even know you could hack the game! I don’t know how to use the cheats you’re talking about, but it’s a good option for anyone who is open to it. (I’m one of those people who is okay with it if it enhances your experience of the game. After all, it’s a game and you’re supposed to enjoy it, right? As long as you’re not going to be doing it in a competitive game with other people, it’s alright.)

      • Tony

        The speed hack does not in any way gain you anything in advantage only to harvest your plants faster (not grow them faster) and arrange them and sell them fast. So its useful for anyone in such way who dont like cheats (well i would not call it a cheat).I did try to hack coffee even the amount of plants i had but even though it may have shown i had 100 coffee after using the cheat engine if i went to use one then it would crash then i would have to refresh the page then i would end up with the amount of coffee i originally had or same amount of plants.

      • True, although if someone wanted to get on the recently added Goal List they might be able to use it to their advantage. As long as they didn’t do that, I’d be alright with it. xD It’s amazing that Flower Shop is so cheat-proof, though. You wouldn’t think a Facebook game would be so vigilant.

      • Tony

        Out of everything i never thought to try goal list cheratomo and found the cheat engine does work for goal list.I had only 40 Topaz ring but need 300 to complete a goal i put 40 on a display case along with the flowers as each ring sold i found the address of the goal in the goal list on cheat engine changed the value then entered 299 and goal was complete after another one was sold.So i guess i was wrong this can be used to some advantage.Thank you for pointing that out cheratomo .

      • Ah, I didn’t mean that goal list, I meant the hi-score ranking. That’s when it starts to affect other people unfairly who are trying their best. ^^; I’m glad you learned that about the goal list, though.

  25. Tony

    Forgot to mention speed hack works for flowers that have already need to be harvested and works for seeding fast.

  26. michelle

    how can i delete my indoor or outdoor decors? please help me!

    • Go to the market tab and click on a furniture option. Then click on one of your furniture, or hit the arrow that’s next to the delivery tab above market and select the move arrow. Once you’ve picked up an item of furniture, you can either drag it down to the market area to put it in “storage” or drag it to a cash register which will appear just above the market tab to sell it. Let me know if this helped, since it’s kind of confusing to try to explain.

  27. honey_ivynneday@yahoo.com

    i am upset! i really wanted to expand my shop so i i waited for my money to reach 14k,..i so when i clicked “shop expansion”, my 14k was gone, but i still cant expand my shop!!! help!

    • Are you sure it wasn’t expanded? When you choose to get your shop expanded it only expands one tiny row of tiles, as opposed to a 9×9 square for your garden. There will still be the option to expand it larger even after you’ve expanded your shop multiple times, so the arrow won’t go away. Check to make sure there isn’t a line of gray tile on the side you expanded. If there is, the expansion was a success. However, if there isn’t then something went wrong. Refresh or come back later and see if it is fixed. If it’s not, post a comment to Flower Shop’s Facebook page. They always read their comments and will respond to you with what you should do or whether they can fix it. Good luck! I hope you get your expansion.

  28. Sandie Davies

    I have a greenhouse and have grown loads of cacti but when I harvest them and try to put one in my shop on display to sell the game keeps saying problem please reload ? when I reload all the cati have gone back in my greenhouse it is driving me crazy because I have to let them die !! please help Thanx Sandie

    • Unfortunately this is a bug with the game, currently. It only happens occasionally to me and when it does, I refresh until it works. However, many people are experiencing your problem and Flower Shop says they’re trying to fix it. Until then, I’d suggest not using your green house. It sucks after you’ve paid so much for it, too! >.< However, they'll hopefully fix it soon.

      • Sandie

        Thank you so much, it is still doing it and driving me insane ! I have just harvested bonsi cacti but got the same reaction when I tried to put one in shop so they are all back in greenhouse waiting to die :-( Thanx again Sandie

      • (By the way, congratulations! That was the 400th comment on this blog. xD)

  29. How do you sell or remove or put in storage the floral displays you dont need in the room?

    • Just like it’s a furniture item. Go to the market tab and click on a furniture option. Then click on one of your furniture, or hit the arrow that’s next to the delivery tab above market and select the move arrow. Once you’ve picked up an item of furniture, you can either drag it down to the market area to put it in “storage” or drag it to a cash register which will appear just above the market tab to sell it. Let me know if this helped, since it’s kind of confusing to try to explain. (I copied and pasted this because I’ve been asked it before. I’ll add it to the main FAQ page. :D)

  30. Sandie

    Cool xxx
    And for everyone asking about vase deliveries, you can order as many as you like now in one go xx

  31. Emma

    I have just got to level 64 and it said congrats up have just unlocked water park dose anyony know what it is about.
    Thanks in advance four help.

    • By chance, do you mean Ocean Park? The Ocean Park is a ride that you can place within your Flower Shop Theme park. The theme park is that huge chunk of land to the left of your shop. It costs $100,000 to purchase, and once you do you can put down theme park rides. Those rides will earn you a certain amount of money every few hours, so it’s a consistent money maker.



  33. Dianna

    Is it possible to fire an active temp? I want to hire my other friend… But I already hired someone else, and they are quite active on Flower Shop. o vo

  34. shubhra

    how to visit vivan?

    • Find her in your neighbor’s bar at the bottom of the screen and click to visit her. She’s level 80, so normally she’ll be about as far to the right of the bar as you can get. (Click the arrows to go further right.)

  35. Ed Guerin

    Any advice (other than chart above) on which is best to grow? I thought Calla Lilies since they are 35 @ 12h but math is not my best subject lol. Any advice is appreciated. I started a few days ago so, still learning. Love the help you have given.

    • Thank you! I recommend using the seed dispenser’s seeds as much as you can. Red calla lilies are probably the best things I have found to sell. Apart from that, I love selling Poinsettias (if you’re on Flower Shop frequently like I am). If you’re not, or you only get on once a day, I would divide my garden into plots to sell the ones that take days to grow. A bunch of star gazers, poppies, sunflowers, and calla lilies. Really, which flowers you want to grow depends on how often you can get to your flower shop and how many arrangements you can make in a day.

  36. Ed Guerin

    Thanks for the info. I am on a lot. More than I should be. Have not gotten red call lilies yet from the machine. Look forward to it :)

  37. mura

    how can i get more xp to speed up level .i am in 75 my friend is 81.i want catch him.i put many calla lilies and poisettias.

    • I know making flower arrangements with vases and extras gives you experience, but other than that, there’s probably no way other than growing as many flowers and making as many arrangements as you can– more than your friend is doing! Good luck. :D

  38. B-red

    is there any cheat engine so i can play & achive more money? ^^

  39. addd meeee im lv42 i need really help in my storge my facebook name is Mahmoud Thecool

  40. Tina Davis

    I have noticed that while I am setting up my vases, if you visit your friends gardens, your flowers don’t get sold and allowing you more time to get the flower shop set up before everything sells. I have been staying in my friends garden the time that I know my flowers are ready and I quickly go back to my shop and start another batch and then head to a different friend till that set is ready to sell. Just something I have noticed this week while playing and thought I’d share

  41. isabella

    what goal do you have to complete in order to unlock camellias?

  42. anna

    how do you unlock trumpet vines?

    • You complete the “Goodie Goodie” Goal. To complete it, you have to visit friends 500 times. However, before you can get the Goodie Goodie goal, you have to work your way up through all of the other ‘volunteering at your friends’ gardens’ goals. Good luck!

  43. Biggy

    hello, i’ve seen some player have a link above the game; they can watch a video and get a free seed from the seed dispenser. I don’t have this link. Does someone know how to get it?

    • I haven’t heard anything about this, or seen anything about it myself. It’s possible that it’s a scam and clicking the link will get you a virus. If not, then it’s just paid advertisement by Google Ads/Facebook which only targets specific people. Sorry I’m not of more help!

  44. How to save money for My Flower Shop?. My Level is 12. My Money is 500 Dollars. Please Reply My questions.

    • Don’t let your flowers die. That’s the #1 waste of money. Don’t decorate your shop until you have a lot of money. When you have more money, I would say invest in more display cases. Making money will become a lot easier as you level up, because you’ll be able to get a temp, and will unlock flowers and extras that get you more money. That’s all that you need to worry about. :D

  45. Jerry Atrick

    The video in question is real and partly the cause many folks have posted on the game wall or quit the game. “some” folks can watch the video over and over getting spins. I know someone who has had over 100 spins on it from the seed machine. I personally got it about 10 times then I saw how unfair it was to the other players, commented about it on the game all and the next day I have never seen it since. It is still out there though. I think they just blocked me from seeing it so I would hush up about it lol. The devs emailed me and said they have had issues getting it to work properly so some folks will get it alot and others will never see it. I guess it is a game flaw like the oops since they know about it and are working on it.

    It is a shame because the folks who pay for the spins rather than wait every 5 days for playing consecutively have actually left the game. I guess they have had a hard time getting it fixed for everyone to enjoy. I hoped they would remove it but it still works on my sisters account. She spins 3-4 times a day. Argh!

  46. Ayuu

    My temp worker is always off work
    and i can’t fire him
    what should i do ;[];

  47. ica

    How to send flower for friend???

    • I believe you mean for birthdays? Look at the little tabs above the Flower Shop game, in brown. One of those says Birthdays. Click that and hopefully one of your friends has a birthday coming up so you can send them flowers!

  48. Lillian

    I just started to play this game and I’m having a problem collecting the flowers that are coming up on the timeline. I click them but then I don’t get them. Do you know what could be causing this problem. Any help is appreciated.

  49. Kathleen

    I meddle with my avatar under Edit and now it shows a different name. How can I change it back to my name. Tried clicking many times to change but still can’t find my name. Thanks.

  50. Vickie

    I’m new to the game. I have a question
    I have let some flowers die how do you unwitered them?

    • You click on them and choose to use the “Unwither” potion. It costs real money to buy, though. There’s no way to unwither them other than paying for it, but if you want to clear your garden, click on the flowers, click “No” when the option comes up to unwither them, and then continue clicking on them. :D

  51. Vickie

    ps I’m so glad that I found this very helpful in here thanks

  52. Vickie

    Thank you so much that really my question. Have a great one

  53. roman

    is it worth buying the items in flowerland??? from what i see i dont see how the items there pay for themselves???

    • Not unless you play very often. They won’t pay for themselves for a long, long time. I use Flowerland mostly because at level 76 I don’t have anything else to spend my money on. In that case, it’s more of a diversion and something to do than a really profitable enterprise.

  54. roman

    i cant seem to be able to get the coffee gifts that i send or recive to count towards my count needed for the quest???anyone know??am i doing something wrong??

    • You have to use the coffee you receive from your friends on your avatar in order for it to count. Click on your character while they’re making an arrangement and speed them up using the coffee.

  55. Flower85

    Hi! I’m glade that I found this site with so many informations and glade to see that other people playing, I’m not alone :)
    I’m playing this game for a couple days, but when I got to level 20, it began to pop out: Oops, problems… Please reload the game ‘ but only on Safari. On IE it wouldn’t open the game. On Opera, Mozilla and Chrome it doesn’t pops out, but I can’t go to the neighbors, or to send free gifts, to upgrade the storage, and to see anything in the market. I don’t know why I have this problems with game and broswers. Can someone help me?
    My english is bad, so, sorry if I made mistakes.

    • No, you did well! Unfortunately, I do not know the solution to this problem. Try going onto their facebook page and telling them, and maybe they can fix it. It is a glitch that has been going around for sometime. Also try updating your Java, in case your Java just needs to be updated. Good luck!

  56. Jan

    Price List of Uncommon, Rare, Ultra-rare Flowers (Lab)

    Yellow Peruvian Lilies = 98
    Red Calla Lilies = 80
    White Daffodils = 74
    Pink Hydrangeas = 67
    Red Peruvian lilies = 64
    Yellow Tulips = 60
    Pink Iceland Poppies = 55
    Purple Hollyhocks = 48
    Purple Rose = 44
    Pink-edge Carnation = 46
    Yellow Calla Lilies = 40
    Blue Rose = 39
    Yellow Rose = 29
    Pink Rose = 24
    White Chrysantemums = 24
    Pink Camellias = 23
    Red Tulips = 22
    Orange Dahlias = 20
    Yellow Trumpet Vines = 19
    Red Carnations = 14

    Add my FB Accounts if you like this info..


  57. Vivians garden is not allowing me to pick pink tulips, or anything else for that matter. :(
    Do you know how I can enable this action? I’m on level 24 and have been waiting for ages for something to change.

    • This is also a glitch that has been going around. Try asking on their facebook page. Aside from that, just wait for them to fix it. Other people have been having this problem, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  58. I want to clear a rose bush. I don’t like the position it’s in. is it possible to clear it or dig it up?

  59. Liz

    I am now level 73. I have expanded my shop and garden to the maximum point without using facebook credits. I have a greenhouse and the poinsettias and camillias are still locked! How the heck do I unlock these?

    • I am not sure why they haven’t been unlocked. Unless they changed how you unlock them, those are the only ways I know how to unlock them. Maybe ask them on the flower shop page? It seems like it might be a glitch. Let me know what you find!

  60. jane febe

    uhm guyz ,, how to get a GOLD ?? ..pls. help me guyz !!.. bcoz i want to hire an extra worker ,..PLEASE !!! :(

  61. please tell me about earn more gold coins,how can i earn more gold?

  62. Kathy

    Hello, thanks for your website. I know that different display cases hold different number of flowers. I dont quite understand how this works. I use different displays but I notice that even for the same type of flowers, the amount generated for each sale is the same. e.g. a bouquet of roses sells at the same price even on different display cases and each time is ten bouquets. Another question, Is Trader Lou a rip off everytime or just sometimes. Thanks.

    • Trader Lou is pretty much a rip off every time, unless you have some flowers you need to harvest right away and don’t have enough room for them in your storage. With the display cases, the only benefit of having them is that you can sell and make more total flowers. They will not sell for more. The Vases that you can order are what make your bouquets sell for more, not the display cases.

      • Kathy

        Tks for your reply. Another question, does the merchant table limit the number of rounds that you can display flowers, each time your play or does it limit on a 24 hrs basis or perhaps according to your level. I sometimes notice that I can display and sell a few times and sometimes once only or not at all. Thanks again n Have a Nice Day.

      • By Merchant table do you mean the Farmer’s Market?

      • Kathy

        Yes, Merchant Table at Farmers Market. Thanks.

      • I must say I’m not really sure. I know you can only sell 50 flowers per slot at the table, but I haven’t heard of a limit on how frequently you can sell flowers there. However, I am level 74, so if it is level-locked I wouldn’t really know. I am able to sell very frequently, although I often run out of flowers before too many rounds have passed. I’m sorry if that doesn’t help much.

  63. victoria

    level up or buy it i think is the only way to get gold

  64. Debbie

    I’ve noticed on the leader boards that some other players at my level have decorations that I don’t have listed in the decorations market. I’ve seen a scarecrow, fancy egg, and a pretty make-up table. How did they get them?

    • Those items only come out during certain seasonal times. For example, the fancy egg was only out during Easter, and you either had to spend gold/facebook credits on it or you had to participate in the Easter event by sending eggs to your friends. I don’t know of any way to get them back right now, but don’t worry. New seasonal items will be available soon, and you’ll have some that others won’t!

      • Debbie

        Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to seeing the new items. I have such fun decorating!

      • cheratomo

        Me too! :)

      • Debbie

        I have another question. I’m trying to finish the birthday cake goal. All of my friends that play have a line under their name on the birthday tab, rather than their birthdate. Also, I looked at the birthday tab on my daughters account and instead of saying July, it says January NaN. She said she wasn’t able to send me game flowers on my birthday. Any ideas? Is this goal only for non-playing friends? Thanks ^^

      • I don’t really understand why the birthday tabs are looking different. I know if you look at the birthday tab for the game, you will be able to find friends that are having birthdays. If anyone is having a birthday within a week it should give you the option to give them a birthday gift. There also used to be a red tab that would pop up when a birthday was near, although I’m not sure whether it still pops up. It is not only for non-playing friends, as I have sent some to my sister and friends who play. I hope that that helps. :)

  65. Saki

    I am still a bit confused on how to expand my flower shop. I don’t know how to buy the things I need like nails, wood, windows etc

    • You can’t buy those things except with gold. The only way to get those is to click on your greenhouse or flower storage and click on a material to ask your friends to give them to you. However, to expand your actual flower shop, you need only to click on the green arrow on the bottom or left edge of your shop. I hope this helps! Let me know if you’re still confused.

  66. winny

    How to collect 10 signatures for merchant table?
    Where to see the signature?
    My friends don’t know how to send to me neither…..
    Please help me.
    Thank you so much…..

    • When you click on the merchants table it should pop up saying that you need ten signatures and then you should have the option to ask friends for signatures in a button at the bottom. Hope that helps!

  67. carol

    I have now reached level 81 does any one know how many levels there are in total?

  68. the info helped but,do you know how to get g
    old bars?

  69. Amiie

    Any games exactly like this one that’s not on whorebook?

  70. Amiie

    After how much time you can fire your temp employee? Because I tried clicking on it but it’s more transparent and when I click on it’s picture it says off-work… no messages and nothing… i need active temps for quest

    • It should be right away as long as they’re not working, or if they do work you also have the option to fire them. I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe it was a glitch– hopefully they’ve fixed it by now!

  71. Hi. . . I have a task that i need to send birthday cakes and flowers to my friends those who are not playing this game. . . after clicking on that b’day tab selecting friend am unable to send the flowers and cake
    . . . can any body please help me how to complete the task. . .

    • I don’t know why you are unable to send them unless your friends opted not to receive them. Otherwise it sounds like you’re doing everything right. Sorry I’m not much help, but I hope you figure it out!

  72. chinitah

    hi just want to ask i cant change my floors what should i do?

  73. trang

    how to sell candle?

    • When you click on the candle machine, there are a few flowers shown in the bottom left hand corner. You have to have some extra of those flowers (for example, Daisies or Pink Tulips). When you do you’ll be able to put them into the machine and make candles with them. Then I believe you just sell them like an arrangement. Hopefully that helps you. :)

  74. Can you tell me how to change floor tiles? I tried to put them over top of old ones but I keep getting a rotate symbol. What is going on? Thanks~

    • You have to buy the new ones and place them on top of the old ones. As far as I can tell, you have to click the uppermost corner of the tile in order for it to work– I don’t know why or where this problem came from. Hopefully they fix it soon!

  75. Princess Ozma

    Hello. I just started playing Flower Shop less than a week ago. I am on level 28 & I had a couple of questions. First, I don’t understand the volunteering. I know Vivian is my neighbor & I have visited her garden every day that I have played & every time the prompt asks me if I would like to volunteer, I click yes. While I’m in Vivian’s garden, though, I pick the flowers that are offered, but I can’t figure out how to actually volunteer. Vivian’s shop is large with beautiful furniture inside, but there are no plants in her shop. Her greenhouse is full of plants, but when I click on them, nothing happens. I always click yes to volunteer, but when I go back to my shop, it still says I have not volunteered once. I have clicked on the flowers &, also, inside the shop in Vivian’s garden, but it doesn’t do anything. Also, Vivian has popped up in my garden about 3 times, but she is only there long enough to harvest one set of flowers, then she disappears. Third, I don’t have any friends playing Flower Shop, so I have no one else to volunteer at their gardens. If anyone is interested, I would love more neighbors. I appreciate any assistance you could offer me. Thank you!!!

    • Volunteering is picking the flowers. By going to her shop and clicking “Yes” to volunteer, you have officially volunteered, and then you can take some flowers. That’s why Vivian pops up in your shop. She returns the favor of volunteering, however she will only take care of one plot of land before she leaves, as that is what constitutes volunteering. It’s basically a much less helpful version of an extra employee.

      If it says you haven’t volunteered once, I think there must be something wrong with the goal system. Either that, or you have to volunteer at other user’s gardens.

      I hope that people will add you! If you need another neighbor, I am available. :)

    • I would love to be neighbors on flower shop with you please add me, I am a reg. player and gift often as it lets me

  76. iona

    hi, i would like to ask how to use candle machine…..


    • When you click on the candle machine, there are a few flowers shown in the bottom left hand corner. You have to have some extra of those flowers (for example, Daisies or Pink Tulips). When you do you’ll be able to put them into the machine and make candles with them. Then I believe you just sell them like an arrangement. Good luck!

      • iona

        thank you..

      • shona

        i cant seem to find my candles that ive made, do you know where to find them? thanx heaps, also what do i do with them?

      • If you go to make a bouquet, next to “flowers” “vase” and “Accessories” You should find a little picture of what looks like candles, perfumes, and soaps, all in different colors. Click on that and you should find your candles. :)

  77. how can i get more customers to come into my store? do i add more doors.. i really hate to have to expand the shop more.

  78. Dawn

    I have read most of the above comments, and I haven’t seen my question/problem come up yet. When I go to the market, and I try to get -the now free- flower machine, it tells me my “purchase max reached”. Ok. What the heck? Any suggestions/solutions?

    • Dawn

      Sorry…the candle machine.

      • I’m assuming you must have tried to get the candle machine once and there was a bug and the system didn’t register it. So half the system thinks you have it and half the system thinks you don’t, which is why it still shows up as free even though it says you’ve already reached your max purchase. My advice is to go the Flower Shop Facebook and tell them. They’ll respond to you fairly quickly, hopefully with a solution. Good luck!

  79. iona

    hi, i have a hard time putting my floor tiles in my flowershop everytime i click the floor tiles in the market and drag it to my shop nothings happen….please help me,,,,….

    • You have to buy another flooring and place it on top of the flooring you currently have, one piece at a time. However, you have to click the uppermost corner of the tile that you want to replace– for some reason the new flooring system is a little buggy. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon. Hope that helps!

  80. iona

    how can i unlock potpourri machine….i really want it…thank you..

  81. Ello. My gudness lots to learn about this game but all the same I love it. But I reall do need neighbours. How do I get them I do have my friends that Ive asked but they not interested. So where can I get some. Lots. Plz can you help. Im a Giver, A sharer, A helper and what eva Hellllp

    • A great place to find others looking for friends is to go onto the Flowershop Facebook page and look at the comments on any random post. People always post that they’re looking for friends. Hope that helps. :)

  82. Pravat

    how can i remove a garden plot?

  83. Hi,
    I just started using my candle machine. I found it frustrating at first, but I soon realized that it won’t let you collect candles until there are 3 icons completed. So, if anyone has trouble collecting the candles, that’s why… :)
    love this site!

  84. christalin reni

    Im not having credit card then how i get gold coins pls help me

    • The only other way to get them is by leveling up. You get one for each level. It’s basically a ploy to get you to spend money, as before they were gold coins they were just actual money and you didn’t get any for leveling up, you only got them for paying.

  85. I can’t seem to send request to my flower shop friends i can accept them but can’t send why?????

  86. Edna Galang

    there’s an error on my flower shop..I can’t upgrade my flower storage since the material red wood sidings was stuck to 4/15…no matter how many friends have sent me these sidings, still it’s not added up..worst is, i dont have enough gold to upgrade instantly..

    • I believe they may have changed it to where you need to have 15 different friends send you materials. I’m not sure, though. If this isn’t the case and you have gotten other materials passed the number of how many friends you have, I would suggest posting a comment to their facebook page, as it would be a glitch. They should be able to help you. Good luck!

  87. orie

    hi…i ever experience when i visit my neighbor’s garden & pick up their flower, when i return to my shop they will appear at my shop & will help me to pick the flower or do the arrangement.i realize this can help me to save time to do the works.right now when i do the same thing & return to my shop, friend that i visited didn’t appear there. how to make friends to volunteer at my shop though i already volunteer at their shop?

    • The NPC is the only person who automatically goes to help out at your shop if you visit theirs. For everyone else, you visiting their shop only gives you flowers. They would have to visit your flower shop from their own game for their character to show up and be able to help you. I hope that helps!

  88. how will i fire my worker? after i hired it, it doesn’t work. it always says, “off work” its annoying. i cannot make them work.

  89. Hine Rapana

    I have asked an asked, when I go to game feeds, I collect my flowers, everything seems to be going the way it should, but I don’t get any of Tymy flowers. I haven’t

  90. Vannary

    How do i plant flower in greenhouse area?

    • You have to buy a stand, use your character to place a pot on it, and then go shopping while in the greenhouse menu to choose which flowers you want to put in the pots. Hope that helps! :D

  91. Vannary

    How to plant flower in FlowerLand?

    • You can’t plant flowers in Flowerland. Flowerland is for amusement part rides. Go to the market and select the Flowerland tab. You should be able to find everything you can buy for Flowerland there. :)

  92. amber0019

    Where is the birthday tab located at?

  93. i can’t move my candle from the machine,. help me pliss.. :(

    • For me, I could only get the candles from the machine once I had refilled it completely with flowers. I’m not sure why, but try that and see if it works. Good luck!

  94. Liz

    My avatar has a bow floating above her head, I thought it meant I should change her outfit, so I did but the bow remains. Do you know what it’s for and how to get it to go away?

  95. anne

    how do i sell the vases pls ?

  96. Debbie

    How do you get Flower Shop to actually respond and fix a problem that has been numerous times? My flowers are selling for incorrect amounts, $2-$4, I am actually losing money by planting flowers. They answered me once, but blew it off with an apology. Nothing has been fixed, although I’ve reported it four times.

  97. rockrob

    I noticed that quite a lot of people come into my store, just leaves without buying anything even though I have lotion/candles/arrangements. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong

    • I don’t think so. Some customers just do that. Make sure they’re all actually available for selling, instead of just sitting there in their pretty yellow bows. :)

  98. lolno

    Hai! Is there a way to change the name of your helpers on flower shop?

    • If you go to the same screen where you can change their clothes, you can click on their current name. (It may take a few clicks, but eventually it should highlight and you should be able to change it.)

  99. I wish to know how to sell candle~Thanks!

    • When you go to the arrangement menu, instead of clicking on the flowers, go to the top right corner of the box and click on the Merchandise tab. There, you should find your candles. Just click on them and how many you want to sell and then place them. It’s as easy as selling flowers. :)

  100. rara

    hi how can i collect daisy candles?…. thanks…

    • Once they’re available, just click on the machine. (You might have to restock the machine before you can take the candles out. That’s what happened to me last time.)

      • anhanh

        make sure there is a space to walk to that side of the machine. Hi! I just started playing, it’s very fun! I might be addicted to it though, level 47 in2 weeks? :O

  101. ngoc

    Hi, I recently play flower shop and I think it’s cool. However, I feel hopeless when the goals asked to sell rare flowers in the shop like red turkey, which are in the lab. Is there any way to get rare flowers without doing the spin thing?

    • To be honest, I don’t think there is any other solution. It’s all a ploy in order to get you to spend money. Maybe if you spent money there is a way to choose which flowers you win, and you can for sure purchase more spins. However, I haven’t found a way to get rare flowers other than luck and chance. I’m sorry. :\

  102. I can’t seem to find the answer to this, so I should I might ask here. How long does it take for a flower to wither?

  103. Eva

    How do I earn gold?

  104. sandra

    hello !
    I’m at level 23. I just hire Vivian but I can’t manage her…. Nothing happen when I click on her, it’s only right “delete?” ;

    Does this stuff happen to someone ? I need your help please:)
    Thks a lot !

    • Vivian is a volunteer, not a full-fledge clock-in worker. She will harvest one plot of flowers or will plant one plot of seeds, but that’s about all she will do. I hope that answered your question!

  105. Miruka

    how could i change my flower shop’s name???
    is anybody here could tell me about this???
    plzzzzzzz help!!!!!

  106. How do i sell my candlea and lotions at my merchandise? I don’t know where would I click to open up that merchandize..

    • When you go to make a bouquet, you can find the lotions and candles in a picture at the top right corner of the screen. Click that and you’ll find your lotions and candles!

  107. Betsy

    Why is there not a flower shop group where we can get what we need when we need it please let me know?

  108. Jessica

    How do I sell lotion?

    • When you go to make a bouquet, you can find the lotions and candles in a picture at the top right corner of the screen. Click that and you’ll find your lotions!

  109. Jennifer

    How do I place the candle and/or lotion machine, I click on it in the machine shop but it wont let me place it anywhere. Any ideas?

  110. shona cox

    i paid $40 gold to buy the wands and it took my gold but didnt give me any wands??help, also i had 10 white pansys in my windmill upgrade and now there gone?? HELP PLEASE im getting ripped off also where are our level up awards from level 70 im over 80 and havnt seen any prizes since level 70, i love this game but am getting a little (lot) dissapointed

    • Try to wait a while and check back to see if you got it. If not, contact the Flower Shop’s official facebook page and tell them what’s going on. They should be able to either refund you or give you your wands.

      • shona cox

        how do i contact the official page for my complaints as i cant seem to find it, now its taking off goals that ive already accomplished to update my tree house

      • Just comment on one of their posts. They should reply to you within a few hours.

  111. joanne

    please.. i’ve something to ask, about dragging a floral display down it will be automatically stored down in the market place. but, when i drag some floral display i accidentally click the wrong one, my flower arrangement was gone. what happen? could you please explain to me please, how can i get it back those flowers with vase’s and extra’s was gone and missing after dragging it down together the flower display? so, there’s will be a possible way to recover my flower arrangement after all..? i really appreciated and grateful to your help. =)

  112. Does anyone know how I can get Super grow? or how you usually get it? is it only as a reward for completing a quest?

  113. Jen

    Hi! I just want to ask how do I share my flowers? I’ve seen my friends post that they have extra flowers. Sometimes when I click on a flower display, It gives me two choices, to share with my friends and to throw/clear display. I haven’t tried clicking the share with friend button. And now I want to share some rare flowers with my friends but it’s only giving me the option to clear my display. How do I make the share with friends button? Thanks for the help.

    • Hello! Being able to share flowers with friends is a random occurrence that takes place once you’ve made a display and you click on it to start selling it to customers. I would say it occurs somewhere between roughly 30% and 50% of the time for me. In this case, if you want to share your rare flowers with friends, try making a bunch of different bouquets until you get the “share with friends” option. That’s about the best that you can do for right now.

  114. Hi, How to remove the flower displays? There’s too much Flower displays in my home..

  115. kerveen

    what is the highest level in flower shop

  116. I have a question about “aura” — is there a maximum an item or flower can give? and if so, does it renew itself, or is it then just a thing littering the landscape?


    • I think that there is a maximum and then it litters the landscape, but I’m not sure. Every aura is different. Hover your mouse over the item and it should explain how it works. :)

  117. Sherry Chickowski Crozier

    I went to my game today and my GREENHOUSE was gone!!! I paid “gold” to have it immediately a while ago and had 24 stands and all loaded with greenhouse flowers and its back to the stage of where I have to purchase it again!!! What am I supposed to do?

  118. shona

    i need friends for flower shop, how do we do so its just closed to flowershop only

  119. Love the concept of the game. I love real gardening and its fun to play around on the computer….but ALL not Some…ALL of my friends have left the game. How many times can one person “RELOAD” the freakin’ game and not get frustrated. It freezes ALL the time. I am at level 107 and I can hardly play. If this continues..I am using up my points and saying good-bye too! FIX IT PLEASE!!!

  120. Kelly

    Hey on you FAQ list, for #5 if you don’t want people coming into the shop and leaving annoyed b/c your waiting to open the arrangements so you have a full shop you can place something in front of the door like a flower display or decoration. That way they just keep walking by the door until you move the object. Also do you know which quest you have to complete to get the “Teddy’s dining cart” for the 1yr anniversary quest?

    • Kelly

      Oh also if you do put something in front of the door, try simply planting the five minute plants to place on the counters across the street in the market. That way your still making money. Additionally you can use the same time you use to make arrangements to stock up on vases and extras.

  121. Claire

    Where all the products go after you gather them using all the machines particularly the potpourri Machine, can’t find them from the storage? does anybody knows this.

  122. Does anyone know how to reach the creators of Flower Shop? There is no link when you hit the HELP button just info about the game but no way to contact them.

  123. Where can I find the potpourri after I make it?

  124. Kelsey

    Hey there! I was trying to play the potpourri machine, but it didn’t fit. Then it disappeared. I’ve looked everywhere, but the machine is ‘gone’. I saw you mention storage? Where is it? :( It’s not in my flower storage and it wants me to buy another machine for 99 gold…

  125. hi when is the next level up reward for 70+ i am now level 81 and still nothing

  126. help i sold my parrot stand and now i need it to get what do i do

  127. What happened to the Damask Rose (red) and the Box Heart Flowers (blue) I needed them to upgrade 2 of the buildings????

  128. how to sell candles etc? I mean where they go?

  129. Lainey

    I have hydranges but cant make blue hydranges candles. At a loss. Thanks……..

  130. meli clubley

    can anyone help. I have a friend on flowershop who has a candlemaking machine (the free one) and she cannot move it out from the market into the garden – she has room, but it won’t even let her drag it to the garden! I promised I’d ask, she’s driving me insane!

    any ideas?

    • You can’t actually drag it to your garden. She needs to build a greenhouse-floor – the brick tile you can place a greenhouse on – and it will let you place it there.

  131. Sara

    How do i earn xp???

  132. Vilasinee from BKK, Thailand

    I am looking for one new game and I love growing flowers, tks for your advice, it is really helpful.

  133. Is there any way to get the machines that were available from past contests or seasons? I see several on other people’s pages that I don’t have access to..

    Also, is anyone else not getting the rewards from the current contest?

  134. my statue of a woman, somewhat like a greek statue requires white paint to upgrade, my friends have sent me way more than enough several times, but it is not registering. shows I have 1 paint only and none of the others for 3 days now. Thank you for your help in advance

    • In certain circumstances, you are only allowed to receive one item per friend, even if they send it multiple times. While this doesn’t explain why you only have one paint, it does help a bit. I really don’t know what to do to help you, though. Sorry!

  135. Jen

    Hi Cheratomo! Do you still play Flower Shop? What level are you now?

  136. may 23. asked for help, numerous other problems have surfaced, fed up deleted game

  137. sweety

    how to use the lotion which we get from machines?am unable to find after collecting it

  138. Yuka Hime

    how n when i can get the maia statue??

  139. Selena

    Ummm, do you know how to increase the production of a certain item when you are using the Oaken Display? I kinda skipped that part and I don’t know how to do that. :(
    I will remember never to skip the instructions from now on! xD *Pledges*

    • I’m sorry, I don’t actually know. All of the items seem to work a little differently, so I haven’t been keeping up. I believe it has to do with the auras, though. I think it needs to be in a square directly next to or diagonal from the display. I hope that’s right. ^^;

  140. Yuki


    Is there a way to have more spins for the flower shop lab flowers? Or a way you can get the flowers you want? I really need those Star Shadias

  141. Mary

    Do you need to buy a second helper before you hire a temp. My daughter and I play
    together and she can not send me a temp request. What are we doing wrong??

    • You do not need to buy a second helper. You may already have a temp request accepted, so check the temp worker and see if she is there. If not, try sending her a temp request. There is also the possibility that one or both of you are not passed the level required in order to have temps. One of you might be able to accept temps, but that doesn’t mean the other can apply to become one.

      I hope that helped. If none of those are the problem, let me know and I can try to further address it. :)

  142. amy

    Do you know how to get more customers. I only get like 1 or two at a time in the shop its frustrating

    • The theory is that to get more customers you need to decorate your shop better, with more things that are of higher quality (i.e. cost more) and preferably more displays for them to buy from. I’m not sure how true this is, but it’s worth a shot!

      • amy

        Thanks! I saw previously that you said when you add people to just play games u have it so they do not see ur personal stuff how do I do that

      • When you add people on Facebook you can add them to groups like “best friends” and stuff, right? I just made my own group and called it “Games.” Then I edited what information those in the group could access and limited it as much as I could but granted them access to sending me invites and requests on games. Now when I add people for a game, I take them out of the “Friend” group and put them into the “Game” group, thus limiting their access to my information. :) I hope that helps!

  143. eyka

    this game do not have closed sign if we are away ?

  144. Liv

    Has something happened to the lab? The icon that used to be on the right hand side for a spin once every 5 days has vanished for me…

  145. I have a question, I need to make the 300 Blue Hydrangea Candles, but was only able to make 50 before the Blue Hydrangea Flower disappearred from my flower list? What happened?

    • It was probably a limited time only offer, kind of like the Valentine’s or Christmas quests. Once the time period has passed, you can’t do it anymore. (That, or they want you to pay actual money for it.)

    • That is the Competition Quest and it shouldn’t disapear… if you can’t scroll down through your quest and find it then there is a glitch in the game.

  146. BunbunManJu

    Hi, I had this problem. All my machines will laid down nicely with enough space for my workers to add in flowers and collect the products, but then when I came back 2 days later, the textures of my machines go haywire and it keep saying that it is out of bounds when i try to collect the products and add flowers. What is wrong? I has not move it at all ever since I put it there.

    • I have no idea what went wrong. I’m assuming it’s just a glitch in the system. Comment on Flower Shop’s facebook page to let them know and then just move all of you machines, I guess? Hopefully that works!

  147. nupur bhattacharya

    how do i get he lab flowers/

  148. Clarissa

    I clicked on the expansion button to expand my shop and it did not expand what am I doing wrong?

    • You are doing nothing wrong. There’s probably just a loading issue. Make sure you have enough money and try again. (Alternatively, you might have expanded it to its biggest size, but usually after refreshing the expand option disappears.)

  149. Kaye

    I am on level 59 and have been making some arrangements but have come across where they add a porcelain animal to the arrangement. Where do you get these items?

  150. Margaret

    Does anyone know what nutrient water is used for and how to use it?

  151. How do you unlock the spring daisy from the oaken display? I have five medals on the first one and there are plenty of flowers to make in the second box (spring daisy) but the “make” button is greyed out.

  152. How do you do the birthday quest? I don’t see a tab that says birthdays.

  153. Debbie

    how can i delete some of the trumpet vines? I planted way too many!

  154. I want to sell flowers in the Farmers’ Market. How do I sell them?

  155. I have contacted the developers twice but no response. When you spin the flower lab are the seeds you get random??? I have even had the yellow arrow pointing to what I need and got something totally different. Could someone maybe explain what I’m doing wrong????

  156. Tari

    Thanks for this great information! I am new to the game and already addicted. But, I can’t get my temp to work even though I followed your instructions and got him to volunteer in my garden. He belongs to my son…perhaps he is just a lazy worker??

    • Your son did try going to your shop and “clocking-in,” right? If he is a temp, then when he goes to your shop he should get a prompt to clock-in instead of the regular “volunteering” prompt. The temps have to visit your shop in order to be “hired.”

  157. Claudia Kennedy

    How does the Magic Wand work?

  158. i keep going to vivians to pick tulips and nothing happens. Also I can not figure out how to place my candle machine HELP I have searched everywhere for directions to this game

  159. never mind i fugured it out I like this game but dont know if I will stick with it it takes to long to make arrangements to sell and it is to expensive

  160. Hi. I want to upgrade my Fairy Candlestand base.I need paint for this.How can I get this…???

  161. Annette

    how do you get the purple fellowshipsi have harvested the purple clementises and havent gotten any of the fellowships.any ideals on how to get them? thank you

  162. Lakiehsa

    I hired a temp for 30 some mins, now when I try to hire another it says currently not working how long before I csn hire another one

  163. I went to do a quest and did not know there was a pre-requirement. I paid 14000 coins to expand my shop. It took my coins and i did not get the shop expansion. do i dare try again after i get the pre-requirement done (4 days of playing i think? I don’t see the quest listed anymore.

  164. I have been able to make the yellow wreath and the pink wreath at my oaken table and I have achieved a 10 floral craftsman level 2 and want to move up to the gerbera/carnation arrangement but it won’t let me! I have enough flowers but I still can’t. I have already achieved the limits and all the ribbons for the first two. Help!

    • Hey, we have the same name! ^^ I’m sure this is one of the problems where if you just wait a few hours, it’ll fix itself. IF not, though, it’s a glitch, and I can’t help you. :(

  165. and just how do I go about selling candles and lotions I make?

  166. If anyone is looking, I have made a group on facebook to share all flower links in it. Please look me up and message me if you would like to be neighbors, and Thank you so much for this page, it has answered a few of my questions.. Facebook address. https://www.facebook.com/booboo0817

  167. vanita

    Hey tip for upgrading Your flower shop ….ask your material from your another account to your original account and you will get the full materials

  168. Hey there, i have something i keep wondering about, like when you level up, you can unlock a certain flower, but i cant find them anywhere, not in the market for sure cuz i’ve been checking it hundred times. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s supposed to be like that. Please tell me if you know where those unlocked flowers are,Thank you!

    • I’m pretty sure they’re still in the market. I think it’s just that they’ve always been in the market, but you didn’t have access to them. But I’m not sure which flowers you’re talking about, so I can’t say for sure.

  169. sheena

    will u make this game downloadable for laptops for free?

  170. Hey me and some of my friends have been playing this game for a short while but I am already on level 52 and I can’t seem to build items in the workshops. I was able to in the Oaken Display you but only for the first wreath. I have finished the first wreaths levels and its medals but cannot build the second wreath even though I have all the required items. I have never been able to build anything in the Christmas Workbench. What is the reason for this?

    • I figured out what I was doing wrong. You actually have to click on each of the required flower for it to be placed on the wreath. Once you have completed the first wreath after that all you have to do is hit the complete instantly button and then the make button. For the next wreath you will have to do the same.

  171. Laura

    I can’t figure out how to volunteer at friends shops…?

    • Just “visit” your friends. If you do work, the next time they play you’ll be there. Once you’re above a certain level, you can ask to be a volunteer for them as well.

      • kimberly blair

        Hi my name is kimberly Blair and I started account in october. I am very upset because the quests are catering to people that have money and if you cant do them you are out of luck. Due to this I have missed a whole lot of christmas stuff I should have had and New years just because I can not do one stupid quest due to no money in my pocket to pay for it. What do I do this is not fair. I work very hard.

      • I agree. Flower Shop used to be equal-opportunities where it didn’t really FORCE you to use money, it was just convenient. But now it forces you. It’s part of the reason I stopped playing it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can really do about it. :(

      • Here is a link to getting all the flowers you need for no money. Someone kindly sent it to me and if you find flowers you want, click the alpabetical link and get all you want! I hope that helps….https://www.facebook.com/notes/flower-shop-sweethearts/flower-links-in-abc-order/735207313172327

  172. I’m on Level 78 And If you don’t have extra people get some or buy some you will need them. i have 3 people and a Temp for 2 hours. Is not enough lol but i was wondering I know the game is young but where is the App for your phone :(. if you need Neighbors and don;t wanna add people to your actual page you this think in the Top called “Community” and roll the dice see who shows up. but they still have to accept your request.

    • I don’t know where the phone app is… to be honest, I see it coming sooner for ipads than phones because they’ve added so much stuff, it would be impossibly laggy on phones and basically unplayable. :/ Thanks for the info about the Community tab! I haven’t played in a while so I don’t quite know most of what is going on. ^^

  173. brian

    I need to make more purple friendships at my bench. I have a character that will not leave until I collect 20 for best friend Julia but I have topped out my limit and it will not let me make more!! any help would be appreciated.

    • I’m not particularly sure what you’re talking about, but it seems to me to be about a glitch within a quest about making either flowers or friends. Can you explain which you mean?

  174. cindy

    when i click on friends post for Childhood & Nectar
    The children love nectar, help me harvest some!
    Grow flowers in your garden and prepare floral arrangements in your very own Flower Shop!
    Like · · Post · 41 minutes ago via Flower Shop

    i don’t get any, and can’t send birthday flower/cake either any ideas??

  175. Dawn

    How can I get rid of the Christmas Workbench and Ice Workbench Box?

  176. how do i get neighbors? I was told about flowershop sweethearts but I can not find where to go for this,

  177. shanne

    how can you hire another avatar??

  178. catherine

    how do i get back my items in store?

  179. sharmila agarwal

    I cannot stock my merchant table ,when I click done nothing happens,,,,,,PLS HELP

  180. I need some friends for flower shop. Love this game! Please add me https://www.facebook.com/perezhy and thank you, Cheratomo, for this wonderful guide :)

  181. Ally

    hi, I try to collect the lotion that my machine had made but it always says “employees cannot move out of bounds” what can I do to collect it?

    • It seems like your lotion machine is either facing the wrong direction (up against a boundary so that your avatar can’t actually go there) or there is something blocking your avatar’s way to the machine. Try checking and see if that fixes it.

  182. Sally

    How do you re-arrange things in the shop or get rid of them such as St. Patty’s box?

    • Some things you can’t get rid of (I think it’s a ploy to make you expand your shop). Otherwise you can send them to storage just like other decorations and displays.

  183. Hi Cheratomo. I am a long fan of yours and Flowershop. Would you mind being one of the sources in the new blog that I am making in celebration of Flower shop’s second year anniversary? It would be an honor to feature you there as a resource person for Flower Shop Fun App. Just thought to continue where you left off. I hope you don’t mind. Have a good day/night.

    • Ah, I’m sorry I’m just getting to this now! School has been hectic. If you still need me for anything, I would be glad to help! And if you are an active follower of what is going on in Flower Shop, it would probably be better for you to help people, since I don’t play anymore and am unaware of a lot of what is happening.

  184. Hello everyone I am needing Flower Shop Friends! Have just started am on Level 20…needing to expand my storage building.

  185. Micky

    Hey I just wanted to ask about upgrading the flower storage and the Greenhouse. I want to upgrade my storage, and actually build the greenhouse but I don’t have the material needed to do either. Besides asking friends I’ve noticed you say you can buy the material but I don’t see where. Do they become purchasable at a certain level? And if so what level and under what category? I’m currently at level 33.

    • On the bottom of the “upgrade” page (when you click on the storage) there should be a button that says “Instant Upgrade” with an amount of gold on it. The amount of gold needed is updated with how much material you have so far, so if you have 10 logs the cost will be cheaper than if you had 5, and so on. Hope that helps!

  186. Hi, I can’t pick the pink tulips from Vivian’s garden since I accidentally picked something else, Any Idea how I can get passed this or how I can start the game over?

  187. I have some FB credits, how can I transfer them to the game?

  188. sohret

    i put a plant that was in the soil in storage and know i cant find it can you help plz

    • Once you put a plant in storage, the plant disappears and the soil returns to being unplanted. That means you can’t get your plant back. :( I’m sorry that happened!

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